On my workbench – TTn3

Two quick photo updates to share here.

I’ve got a shot of where I’m at with the freight shed. I’m certainly on the home stretch with this one and I’m really having fun with it. I’m starting to think about how to do the roof shingles. I know I’m really tempted to try and make them in strips but substitute 0.005″ thick styrene strip in place of paper. Pity 0.010″ is too thick for a shingle – it already comes packaged in nice consistent strips.

The other shot is the first on of the project I’ll be working on next. Swinyard’s report on the Railway’s rolling stock discussed his displeasure at how the car shops had sheathed the boxcars horizontally instead of vertically. I’ve never seen a box car finished this way and thought I’d have a go at one for my own collection. Most of the major work sorting out the body is done and I’m on to get the sides trimmed back properly and get the doors and roof sorted out next. I wonder how the boards on the prototype were joined? I have a feeling that a simply butt joint was used and that’s likely how I’ll do mine. Since I don’t have a drawing, yet, for these freight cars I’m trying to use the few dimensions noted in Swinyard’s report against some typical box car sizes for similar narrow gauge cars.

Let me know what you think. Have a great afternoon.

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