PEIR Robertson Road Station

I was looking at the photo on page 131 of Allan Graham’s book on the railway in Prince Edward Island of the Robertson (Road) station. This little flag station was the first one leaving from Montague on the way toward Georgetown or Charlottetown. While the picture shows that it does borrow from the typical PEIR flag stations details it is a little different too. I figured I’d rev up AutoCAD and work up a quick drawing to start to figure it out.

Here’s what I’ve got so far.

Robertson Station - not to scale

The photo shows the roof with quite a steep pitch. I drew mine a little less steep than the photo shows but I’m thinking about re-drawing it. I’m also not entirely content with the overall footprint of the station. As drawn above I’ve got it at about twenty-two feet long when I think it should actually be only twenty feet. The door opening I borrowed from the drawing of Winslow station that I posted some time ago. The roof and sides were sheathed with shingles. The eave detail is interesting in the photo and it looks like a pair of lapped boards. The eaves themselves are quite tight against the building so when I get around to making my model of this building I may elect to tighten the ones I build further from what I’m showing here.

The station name was painted directly onto the shingles by hand it appears. While certainly no great homemade font I did draw the letters used in this drawing to try and capture the shape of the letters showing in the photo. For those not shown in the photo I’ve just assumed their appearance.

This photo from the PEI Government Aerial Photographs Librarydating from 1935 shows the location of the station.

Station location noted

Robertson appears in the 1914 PEIR Timetable and you had a choice of two morning or two afternoon trains depending on your trip.

Train 13 Train 15 Station Train 14 Train 16
Passenger Mixed Mixed Passenger
5:07 9:55 Montague Junction 7:23 2:39
5:10 9:59 Roseneath 7:20 2:35
5:17 10:08 Brudenell 7:13 2:26
5:21 10:13 Robertson 7:09 2:21
5:25 10:20 Montague 7:04 2:15
5:30 10:25 Robertson 6:59 2:00
5:34 10:30 Brudenell 6:55 1:55
5:41 10:38 Roseneath 6:48 1:47
5:45 10:42 Montague Junction 6:44 1:43

When looking at the schedule above it’s important to remember that trains 13 and 15 originating in Charlottetown would divert onto the Montague Branch at the Junction and back down into Montague station. After completing their work in Montague the train would depart, engine first now, toward Georgetown thereby completing it’s trip. The opposite occurred for the return trip with trains 14 and 16 originating in Georgetown, backing into Montague then continuing on to Charlottetown. The turn-of-the-century railfan would have been treaded to a number of great photo opportunities as each train passed Brudenell, Roseneath and Robertson twice on each trip.

My 1974 CN Siding re-numbering report shows sidings and industries nearby:

Montague Subdivision
Zone G
Location Present Switch Zone & Track Number Designation SPINS Number 1958 ETT
Roseneath G 18 C.I.L. G 018 CI
Brudenell G 20 Public Siding G 020 TT 3 cars
G 21 Cyanmid Farms G 021 CF
Langley Fruit Packers G 24 Langley Fruit Packers G 024 CF

I’ve found no indication of any sidings in Robertson and frankly would never expect to. The station is only just outside Montague. Looking at that aerial photo though you can see some objects along the track and I don’t know what they could be. Any ideas?

Last summer we rode the branch from Montague out to the junction and back. This shot is on the return trip as we’re approaching Robertson Road. Next stop: Montague.

The area's quite overgrown compared to earlier photos

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