On my workbench…more TTn3

Just tidying up my workbench for the evening. Tonight I built up the back wall for my Montague Station. I’m using a copy of Steve Hunter’s beautiful PEIR Standard Station drawing and so far I have the ends and back wall complete. Now that I’ve really got a rhythm for how to assemble all the little panels that make up a typical wall section I feel comfortable enough to proceed with the front wall section. I need to figure out an approach for the window sashes and also for the eave brackets. For the former I’ll likely follow the approach I took with the freight shed and line the opening with peices of 0.010×0.020″ styrene strip. The mullions I may just elect to draw onto the glazing material. For the eave brackets I’ll admit I’m really tempted to make up one perfect one and then cast the remainder in resin. Actually, I’m extremely tempted to draw them up in CAD and have Shapeways produce them – this might make an excellent first project to work on with their system and I could use that order as an excuse to include some of Royston Steven’s TTn3 gondolas as well.

Speaking of Shapeways… I just checked the UPS website again and my parcel has now left Philadelphia. I’m curious to see what it’s next stop will be and I’m hoping it will be somewhere in Canada. Montreal?


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