TTn3 coach roofs…getting closer

As I confessed earlier I’m so excited about these roofs and I can’t wait to see them. I can only think of one other time in the thirty years I’ve been involved in this hobby that was so overcome with anticipation. Given that I have a UPS Tracking Number and their website shows every time my little package travels through somewhere in their system I can log into to their website and see how much closer it is to me. I just checked in and they left Philadelphia this morning. I might actually have these for this weekend! Considering that I ordered these on the 16th and they had to be made for me and then shipped from Holland this is fantastic service. Compared to ordering product “off the shelf” via or a similar online hobbyshop this is pretty fantastic service. I sure hope the local UPS service doesn’t mess this up.

I’ll try to contain my enthusiasm and keep these tracking blogs to a minimum. Wish me luck.


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