Montague station model updates

I had some time today to get some more work done on this model. Eventually this will be my model of the Montague station. I’m building it to suit my 1906-1910 era TTn3 layout based on the Branch. After taking these shots of the back and end walls I was able to glue up the front wall. I now have the main walls completed. Next I’ll need to get the operator’s bay completed and start on some windows.

This will go well with the freight shed. I’m really settling into the scale and feel like I’ve really found my “groove” with this TTn3 stuff.

Other stuff on my workbench…updates
I haven’t made much progress on the horizontally-sided box car and I don’t have any excuses as to why I haven’t. Most of the major work on the shell is done now and I need to start focussing on the typical details (e.g. door stops, the ironwork, etc.)

The freight shed is so close to being finished that I’m okay with it sitting just to the side for now. I need to get it painted and added the glazing and mullions to the windows. I also need to settle on a method to model shingles in TT. I really need a small project to practice shingling technique on and think maybe I need to knock-out a quick PEIR toilet to use as my canvas for this experimentation.

Of course the really exciting news is those roofs. I just checked the UPS site and they are scheduled for delivery to me tomorrow. I can’t wait to see them. I’m so pleased with this approach to sourcing model railway parts that it’s hard not to think of alternate projects. I’ve been wondering about the practicalities of having Shapeways print some other details parts for me. Things like maybe some eave brackets for the Montague station project. I’m also interested in exploring have a set of queenposts printed to aid in car floor construction (of course if they’re printing part of the floor why not print the whole floor you ask? I don’t have an answer…stay tuned)

Finally I’d like to start a set of drawings for the smaller stations the PEIR placed at Brudenell and Togo (Montague Junction) based on Steve Hunter’s drawings. I’ll wait to finish the station I’m working on now before indulging in that.

Work’s really more stressful than it should be lately. It’s great to have a hobby to “get away from it all with”.

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