On my workbench: a computer. On that a way station….

I’m working on a set of drawings for a PEIR Way Station. For my planned layout I’d need one for Brudenell and another for Montague Junction. This same plan was used for a number of similar stations in eastern PEI. The Fodhla station survived two ambitious moves from it’s original location (one away from and thankfully the second being the return trip home) is likely the only remaining example of this plan. I switched on AutoCAD this evening to draw for an hour and liked the look of the screen so I thought I’d share it with you – maybe it’s only me that found the composition of the screen that greeted me when I loaded the drawing appealing!




  1. AutoCAD! Yikes…. bug learning curve and not cheap! But the best of course. THe standard for all drafting and drawing. I have Designer… a bit simpler…. just have to reinstall it….

    In the meantime…. I tried Atlas’s drawing tool.. trying to figure how to gert into N scale mode….
    Recently another freeware for the MAC.

    1. I agree on both counts Phil. It was a big investment and one I’ve only afforded twice in my life and don’t see reinvesting in for a while longer still. I’ve been drawing in AutoCAD for about twenty years and sad as it probably sounds I “think” in AutoCAD so I find it very natural.

      As for model railway planning CAD stuff I’ve tried Atlas’s product and I really enjoyed playing around with it. That said you should really take a look at XTrakCAD. It’s shareware and the track libraries are very complete. The learning curve is a little steeper than with Atlas’s product but it offers a lot of potential. Mind you I’ve drawn a lot of track templates in AutoCAD and I’m quite happy to share them if you’re interested. Some have made it online here, just search around.

      I think the Xtrackcad is available for MAC.

  2. Hello Chris, I am pleased to see you are making a set of drawings of Fohdla station. As you know this building still exists, and has been restored. There was much to be replaced as the building had not been kindly treated since it was retired. If you need more info, I can put you in touch with the owner, who is my cousin.

    I also own a railway station, an ex-CPR station, located in Dunsford, Ontario. I think there must be a defective gene in our family.


    1. Great to hear from you. I knew that the station itself still existed but have never made the trek out to see it. I would really like to have a chance to see the station and see if I can solve some of the riddles and questions I have about this station plan. Feel free to pass this along to your cousin, perhaps we can set something up.

      “Defective”? I don’t see anything wrong this owning a station. We’re house hunting right now and I’d buy a station if the option existed.

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