Giant GO deadhead – thanks Eric!

Eric from Trackside Treasures sent me an email the other day with a really cool GO consist bound for Hamilton on November 26, 1981:

GO 702 (GP40-2w)
CN 9316 (GP40)
Ten bilevel coaches
GO 907 (APCU)
GO 708 (GP40-2w)
CN 9312 (GP40)
Ten bilevel coaches
GO 910 (APCU)

Yup, one more argument toward TARDIS-powered time travel for railfanning purposes. This train would have terminated at the John Street Station. It would have been great to see it running along the beaches as it neared Hamilton. I’m familiar with GO deadhead moves but this is the first time I’ve ever seen a reference to two trainsets moving as one. Was this typical?

A homogeneous GO? Today maybe, but not always. That’s what I love about GO.

Post script
I thought this post might be a little more useful if I provided some links to the rolling stock quoted above. The first unit I looked for was CN #9316. Click this link to view a shot of 9316. While not in GO service it is in passenger service. I wonder if CN earmarked certain GP40’s for passenger service?

I found 9312 over on Beware, as in all trips to this great website you’re going to see some pop-ups. Lots and lots of pop-ups…

Of course after closing all those pop-ups it occurred to me that I should have started at No let downs here, their CN GP40 listings included both the 9316 and the 9312. Click here for the full list of CN GP40’s on their site:

I started to look around. I’m sure that Atlas released their N scale GP40 in CN’s tiger-stripped paint scheme. It wouldn’t be hard to change the unit number on a model. Speaking of models, check out this great one that someone built and shared photos of over on the Diesel Detailer Forum, it’s really sharp:



  1. Hey Chris, that’s my model that I built! I finally finished it the other night (moved the headlight, added the bell and snowshields as per prototype) Funny to see one Islander point out another Islander’s work eh?

    1. That is neat. I’m sorry for not noticing in the first place. You’ve done some really fine work there, nice weathering on that model. It is strange how fellow Islanders find each other, stranger still to have that particular unit as the join.

      I’ll have to take a look around on Diesel Detailer to see what other projects you’ve been sharing there. Great work!

      1. I agree, I remember on family trips, mom always managed to find other islanders.

        I was reading this the other night and I was thinking “that’s funny, I have a model of 9316 sitting right beside me.” I’ve mostly redone my older projects. It’s amazing how one’s skills can improve so quickly, but university takes up a lot of time, so everything else is on the back burner so to speak.

  2. Chris, here’s 4017 in ‘black widow’ paint at Bayview in 1981:

    The same year, the GP40 4000-series were renumbered to 9300-series to avoid conflict with new 4000s: GP9RM’s rebuilt from GP9’s in the former 4400/4500-series. Confused yet?

    I observed both 4016 and 4017 during a trip to Toronto to ride behind CN 6060 in 1979 noted in this post:

    Not to muddy the waters, but I noticed a GO consist in the above post.

    AND, 4016 listed was on the Barrie commuter train (see consist under September 29. 1979 in my Trackside with VIA book).

    4016 and 4017 were geared for passenger service, sometimes leased by VIA.

    Hoping someone can shed light on that GO mega-consist.


  3. I hate the popups at with an all-consuming passion, especially the ones that you can’t dismiss without closing your browser. I won’t link to them any more and I had them remove my photos and account.

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