Thank you VIA Moncton

It’s our last day in Moncton and the swim meet we came to attend has been a great one. We had quite a break between events during this morning’s session so my youngest daughter and I decided we needed an adventure. On our way downtown she asked if we could go see any trains. I’d be a fool to pass up an opportunity like this invitation so off we went. Now Sunday mornings really aren’t the hottest mornings to go railfanning anywhere in Atlantic Canada so I kind of knew going into this that luck might nit be on our side but we went on the hunt anyway. Not much to see on CN. That’s okay…we’re passenger train people anyway. Off to the station to try our luck with VIA.

My memory for arrival and departure times hinted that we might not see much as we pulled into the parking lot but there were some cars in the parking lot and some staff were arranging some baggage carts on the platform. We figured we’d pop in to the station and check on the schedule. Just inside the door we were greater by a very friendly station agent with a warm welcome. We asked about trains today and the agent mentioned that our first chance would be at 12:30. Unfortunately we had to be back on deck at that time so we were going to miss that. As we turned to leave the agent asked if Emi would like a VIA kids pack. “Sure!” Inside the bag was the ubiquitous coloring book but some neat finds included some of those great fold-up cardboard trains. It think it’s really cool that VIA still offers these. The last set of these I had were LRC cars and Emi’s are models of the new Ocean cars. Emi was excited about her haul and I thought it was one heck of a nice touch. “Bravo VIA!”. Talk about really “getting” customer service and how easy it really is to make a great impression. I’m really impressed and thinking back about the last couple of times I’ve dealt with VIA I always come away from the experience feeling great.

Emi asked me as we pulled out of the station parking lot: “Can we go for a train ride?”

Customer service is more than just taking care of the customer you have now it’s creating those new customers for tomorrow. This morning’s agent really got it.



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