TTn3 coach started

Just tidying up my workspace for the evening. I’m up much later than I would have liked but I really wanted to start building a coach to go with at least one of those roofs I ordered. This first car is being built off a set of D&RGW drawings but should still yield a car that is very close to those the PEIR ran. I have the two car sides almost finished and some parts for the car floors cut out.

I goofed a little on the window width and they are a little too narrow for my tastes. As a result I have thirteen windows in the sides instead of the twelve that were present in the prototype, Rio Grande, version. I’ll try to get a photo on here to share tomorrow so you can see. In addition to that issue I also started to think about the next evolution of how I’d like to build passenger car bodies and I wish I’d tried that variation instead of how I went about what I have. The nice thing about TT’s slightly larger than N scale size is how it encourages one to relax a little on how things are made. In fact one N hangover present in the sides I made is that they may actually be too thin. This was seldom, if ever, a problem in N but I think I could have increased the thickness of the window jambs a little.

Of course as I mentioned at the start of this post it is late and I am very tired and perhaps that’s feeding my seemingly over-critical view of what I made this evening. All that aside I’m super excited about this project and having a blast getting back to actual modelmaking. Of all the resolutions I made this year I’m grateful that this one is sticking!

I’m off to bed. Take care and have a great night.


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