1. I have your old email address that does not work anymore. You sent me info a few years ago about that switching layout. I had planned on building it at that time, but was not able to. I am starting to build it now. Expanded to 15″ x 5’6″. I will post a link to my building progress as I get started and get it online. Along with another switching layout I am building. And once I finish those I will be building a 2′ x 10′ switching layout. Along with my small home layout.

      2. Good morning. I think I may have confused things.

        I’m Chris Mears and not Chris Gilbert. I am a big fan of his layouts and approach to layout design so when I saw that YouTube video I thought I’d share it here as it really showcases the layout.

        Your own layout sounds interesting and I’d like to hear more about it.

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