Smiths Falls Station Build | VIA Rail

VIA just announced the opening of a new station for Smiths Falls. It’s a really a sharp looking design piece and I’d like to add it to my list of models I’d like to build for myself…someday.

Here’s a photo borrowed from the VIA website:

I think this works beyond just great fodder for the model railway builder but also in the way that it reflects a lot of my own design ethics. I like the way that it’s small but carries a lot of what are becoming signature VIA architectural details. It’s lines are modern but there are still a lot of great, classic, railroad station design queues to be seen on those lines. Beyond just those design moments it works well as a community piece, in their own words:

Smiths Falls station has also proved to be a great example of community partnership. VIA built the new station and will be responsible for repairs and upgrades. It also installed economical systems such as an electric strike and programmable time-clock system, which allows the small station to remain safely unmanned. Meanwhile, day to day operations such as snow-removal, janitorial services and landscaping are being managed by the city of Smiths Falls.

Perfect execution. Great work!


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