Saturday in Halifax

The weather is great down east and spring is really looking nice. We needed to get away for a bit so we wound up here in Halifax. I didn’t take much prodding from my wonderful wife to get me to go over to Maritime Hobby and Crafts. Man, I love visiting that shop. I’ve been including a stop to this store since I first started making my way over to Halifax. Spending a little time in a hobby shop is something everyone intersted in model railways should really do. If you’re lucky enough to have a hobby shop in your hometown, well, stop reading here and just get yourself on over there. Bring a coffee and spend some time in the company of others whom you share this great hobby with. Take a look at model trains, flip through some magazines and dream about the models you’ll build and the next new plans for your model railway. It’s good for the soul.

Mike and the folks at Maritime have been maintaining a stellar consingment section and over the years I’ve learned that it’s best if I get into that room first to make sure there isn’t some treasure in there I should be picking up. This trip was no different. I never fail to find something that has little to do with what I think I’m focussing my attention on at the time. This afternoon I discovered a great pile of vintage Tri-ang models and a really neat HO scale craftsman kit for a Rutland flanger. After a great deal of fretting i left those behind but I feel like I might be back for those soon. I love Tri-ang stuff and it doesn’t take much effort at all to sell some to me. That flanger was just neat. I did pick up some Peco switches and a pair of the new Micro-Trains CPR coaches. These cars are exquisite and a superb deal at only twenty-five dollars a piece. I’d like some more of these. As coaches go they’re really close enough (for me…) to the cars CP would have used in suburban service in Quebec and more excitingly to what CN used. Micro-Trains used to be very receptive to suggestions for potential paint schemes and I’d like them to offer these coaches in CN’s grey and black colours. Grey and black heavyweights were the backbone of CN’s Montreal suburban fleet and I’ve built a bunch of stand-ins based on old Lima and Model Power P70’s over the years. I can only imagine how nice a job the Micro-Trains folks could do with these superb new cars.

All in all this was a great trip.



    1. I don’t have a layout now but I really miss having one. The turnouts I purchased yesterday I’ll be using (when we get back to the Island) to build a copy of Ian Futer’s Victoria Street layout. Victoria Street is a Scottish passenger terminal and I’ve blogged about it before. I’ve always liked the plan and I have enough Canadian passenger equipement to run it that way.

      Stay tuned as they say…

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