Lanyon Valley Electric and the Marion River Carry Railroad

This is what’s so great about being a part of a community. Today I was the fortunate recipient of a couple of great comments left on recent posts.

Lanyon Valley Electric

This link is to a gentleman in Australia who is building a large scale, 45mm gauge, model tramway outdoor. From the pictures he has some of the Bachmann cars and I think I’ve seen one of those neat Accucraft San Fransisco cable cars. I’d really like to have one of the Bachmann cars and have been trolling the web looking for a dead one to rebuild…someday. The real gem on the blog is the trackwork. He’s handbuilding all the trackwork and it looks fantastic. It looks like recycled LGB rails on printed circuit board ties. He’s assembled some fantastic single-point switches too. It looks like he’s going to pave the line with individual cobbles. It’s a lot of work but the photos show it will really be worthwhile when it’s all done. Great stuff, I’m so glad to have had this blog shared with me. I’ll add a link to it here on this blog over in the Tramways section.

Marion River Carry Railroad
This little portage railway was built up in New York’s Adirondack mountains and was like a standard gauge version of the Huntsville and Lake of Bays Railway line. It too was only about a mile in length and featured a rolling stock roster that was so similar down to the recycled streetcars for passenger cars. Also in common with the Lake of Bays Railway almost all of the line’s rolling stock has been preserved and could be easily visited today. There are some websites out there to check out but one of the best I’ve seen so far is S. Berliner III’s site:

Thanks guys for taking a few minutes to share these suggestions. I really appreciate it!


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