Royalty Junction Station today

Of all the places along the Prince Edward Island Railway, Royalty Junction remains a close favourite. I recently had a great opportunity to photograph the station as it remains today. It was moved from it’s original location to it’s current home in Greenvale, PEI in the early 1980’s. Soon after being moved the new owners added a second storey. Except for that change much of the building remains exactly as it was and it is an excellent resource for studying the construction of a typical PEIR station. I thought I’d take a minute and share some of the many photographs I took of the station that evening. Stay tuned, I’ll be completing a drawing of this station and I’ll post that here as soon as it’s done.


  1. Hey Chris,
    Where in Greenvale is this? I’ve never seen it from Highway 2. You gotta give me the directions, I’ve never seen a PEI station before and that’s only 10 minutes from Cornwall.

    1. It’s on the north side of the highway. The neighbour’s sell birdhouses and usually have a few at the end of their driveway. I think the civic number is around 19000. While you’re out there anyway, stop by and check out the Fredericton station too, It’s in a very sorry state and won’t last much longer. Both are genuine PEIR articles.

  2. Where is the Fredricton station Chris? Also, do the people usually take kindly to “trespassers” I’m always weary as I’ve been chased off land fishing before, almost with physical force.

    1. The Fredericton train station is just about in the middle of town. It is on private land currently and it appears that it was simply moved back from the rail line when it was purchased by the farm that has it now. I’ve never had any luck finding out who “owns” it but I would really like to. Even in it’s currently dilapated state it’s a great resource and I’d love to be able to photograph it’s interior, etc. for future reference.

      It’s easy enough to find though and you can almost see it from Highway 2, as I said, right in the heart of Fredericton, PEI.

  3. I think I see it on Google Maps, seems to be on the “Fredricton Station Road” (of course) I have a good friend who lives on the St Patricks road. Him and I’ll have to go check it out and I’ll get some photos.

    I assume you know of the two tank cars behind Matheson Construction on Sherwood Road and my Great Uncle’s locomotive 1762 in Kensington, of course.

    1. As you’re turning in off of Highway 2 you can see it. The station will be on the right hand side of the road. Note that the station is within a farmers field (well inside the fence anyway) so caution will be in order.

      I have seen and photographed those tank cars. I remember seeing those arriving and departing on the boat trains during the final years. I’d like to get around to asking the Matheson folks if they’d mind if I cleared a little of the bush around them to properly photograph them (details, details) sometime just in case something ever happened to them.

      There used to be a caboose out in Mermaid(?). Wonder if that’s still there?

      Then of course, there are the Russian flat cars that may also still be around as bridges.

      I’m looking forward to seeing any pictures you get at Fredericton.

  4. The bridge down in Pisquid used to be Russian flat cars till 6 years ago or so. If you’re ever up for an adventure I know of one such bridge that’s still in place on the North River, except I think it has CN markings. It`s way up by route two. I remember seeing it in a picture of one of the provincial biologists books. If I ever get up there doing redd counts or counting fish with the province I’ll get some shots.

  5. Hi all,I just stumbled upon this blog as I was googling info on PEI railways for my son that has taken a big interest in trains. These pictures caught my eye especially because it was my father and I that moved the Royalty Junction train station to Greenvale in 82. My grandfather worked for CN on the railways for many years in Hunter River, Vernon River and New Glasgow NS. I would love to get a group together to purchase the old station and move it back to Royalty Junction. It would be a designated heritage building and would love to see it saved. Talk care and have a great Christmas . Robbie

    1. Thanks so much for the comment. Royalty Junction was one of my favorite locations on the railway.

      I’d love to hear the story of moving the station if you ever had a moment to share it.

  6. Hopefully you received the info my brother Lou Ranahan wrote to you at the Guardian, my dad was the last station agent there for 10 years, lots of stories from us. Dad was Tim Ranahan.

    1. I think it’s terrific that your father worked at the station. Royalty Junction was my favourite location to watch the train from. Thanks again for writing.

      I’d sure like to hear any stories from the station if you ever had a minute to share them.


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