PEIR Fredericton today

The same day as I photographed the Royalty Junction station I also had the good fortune to check in on Fredericton. As I’ve no doubt mentioned before Fredericton holds a special place in my heart. Fredericton station was the first building I ever measured and prepared a set of “as found” drawings for. That event was shared with a great friend and I was really lucky to be in the company of another on this trip. I just can’t get off the social aspect of this great hobby.

I try to get out to Fredericton at least once a season to check in what’s fast becoming an old friend. The station itself is completely neglected and now it appears that it’s entered that period where it doesn’t look like it’ll survive another storm. I’m very committed to saving things but if you’re not going to take care, use and enjoy what you’ve saved it’s hard to justify the act. I’d been saving the photos from this latest trip to put together as a montage with some others I’ve taken over the years. If it’s not already packed for our upcoming move I was also going to include a scan of those sketches I made over twenty years ago. I made those sketches while waiting for a Borden-bound train to crawl through town.

..wait a second, “crawl through”. Nope, I’m not being entirely true. That train was being piloted by none other than the man himself: Vic Bowlan. If you know why that name is significant than you know why I felt compelled to edit my own statement. Since I should be packing up the apartment these days and spending less time online I’m just not getting around to the post I had intended to create, so here’s the photos and the commitment to do something better soon. I’ll get that drawing online too.



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