Tempo RS-18m #3152 in GO service

I was reading the article on CN RS-18’s in CN Lines Volume 13, number 1, issue 46. I’m a fan of the Tempo RS-18’s and really enjoyed the article. I saw this notation in the article: “#3152 (ex-3856) Leased to GO Transit during October 1982.”

I’m a pretty big fan of GO Transit so this is one heck of a fun Easter egg to read in the article. This is the first time I’ve seen this reference and I’d sure like to know more about 3152 in service for GO. Was it borrowed with a Tempo train set or used with GO cars? I assume it wasn’t in GO service long but I’d sure like to see a picture if it were ever possible.
Anyone out there ever catch the 3152 in GO service? I’d sure like to hear from you. Thanks!



    1. I got really excited when I read this, with thoughts of LRC units in GO service. In the emerging light of day now this morning it makes sense that the Tempo units were retired as they were replaced by VIA on VIA trains. I recall seeing LRC units in service on Montreal commuter trains and was hoping (just a little) that this might have happened in Toronto too.

      Would the Tempo units have been able to power the GO coaches?

  1. Hey Chris, hope you don’t mind if I cut in (again). I know a guy who was a carman at CN’s Gordon Shops. For reasons beyond me, the Tempo units were actually based out of Moncton and not Spadina!! I know that makes no sense. Any major work was done in Moncton and they were scrapped there, in 1983. He worked on cutting them up.

    As for powering the GO coaches; the Tempo RS-18’s had a HEP put in the short hood (that’s why there is no front walkway) As far as I’m concerned, an HEP is an HEP and since that’s what the GO consists used, they could have, in theory, powered GO coaches. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

    Hope that helps.

    1. I remember talking to Wendell Lemon about the Tempo units at a show a couple of years ago. I was really surprised to hear that the units were serviced out of Moncton. Being just a little special I had always wondered why a shop closer to “home” wouldn’t have been selected. He mentioned having photos of them in freight service around the Maritimes. I wonder if they ever came close to the Island? I have bought photos from him of the units and would really like to build up a pair.

      As for compatability with the GO cars my thoughts were on simple things like plugs. Since the Tempo cars shared a lot of basic design features with GO’s own new single-level cars I assume that power itself would have been easy. When I have a minute I’ll take a look in my GO manuals to see what power requirements the single-level cars would have demanded and then we can see what the MRE18g’s could have offered.

      They remain my favourite diesels and I’d really like to have a pair of models of them for my collection. I wonder if any neat paperwork on them survived? A set of numberboards for the 3152 or 3154, the two that went to GO for a brief period, would be neat to have.

      1. If you’re interested in building a pair in N scale, there are two True Line RS-18’s at Leisure World (now Owl’s Hollow) Ask for Steve. I might build a pair in HO someday, they’re just so unique.

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