Pieces of Charlottetown

Okay, so I’m struggling with the title for this post since I’m not really sure what I’d call this find. We’re really on the home stretch with the boxes around here and I found a cool one with some photo albums and loose papers. Most of the loose papers are newspaper clippings reporting on CN’s plan to close the railway and the reaction to that intention. What was cool was a stack of little notes I’d been writing down on things I’d seen trackside. I dropped a few of them onto my scanner and thought I’d post them here for you to take a look at. Since a railway is so much more than just the trains themselves I hope these might help to “set the scene”.

Nothing earth shattering in the above really, just small observations about something I was trying to learn as much about as fast as I could – something that I knew was disappearing faster than I could record it. Some people kept notebooks of engine numbers and some folks took photos. Since I never really seem to know what I’m doing I just try to do as much as makes sense at the time.




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