Salem & Hillsborough 8208

In those photo albums are a wide variety of photos I took. I was a kid who loved trains and I was armed with my trusty Vivitar 110 camera and just enough allowance to buy film and occasionally the processing. Man things have changed with digital photography eh?! Boy I sure wish my own photography skills had advanced as much as the hardware has. We were on a family vacation that took us to the Salem & Hillsborough Railway just outside Moncton. I didn’t think to note the exact date when we were visiting but here are some clues that I’m sure will help to narrow it down. This was our second trip to visit the railway. This occasion met us with a unique combination of equipment “led” by CP 4-4-0 #29. Providing the real muscle for the trains though was the railway’s own ex-DEVCO RS-1 #8208. I don’t remember exactly how it all happened but somehow my Dad managed to talk us into a cab ride in that RS-1. I do remember having the choice between this and the 29 though and there being little doubt and  a great deal of consensus amongst us in choosing the cab of the vintage Alco. The train departed Hillsborough with the #8208 in the lead and would return to the station with the #29 in front as a scenic railway equivalent of a push-pull train. According to our crew the #29 really didn’t have enough power to move our train and the #8208 was doing most of the work – the art of synchronising the two engines was something to experience.

I’m glad I took as many photos as I did but wish, now in hindsight, that I hadn’t glued them into one of those photo albums with the sticky pages. Most of the pictures are not easily removed and I’m scared to damage them. I did scan in these three shots to post here and will add more as time and courage permit.

The railway is long since shut down but remains as a museum that is well worth the visit if you’re in the area. Check out the New Brunswick Railway Museum’s website:

Soon after this visit a tragic fire destroyed the railway’s shops and a very large part of their collection including both of these engines. The 29 was cosmetically restored and is displayed in Calgary now outside the CP offices (click here to visit to see it now). The 8208 was scrapped on site. What’s left is quite well taken care of though and the museum is well worth a visit and includes in it’s collection a former Island diesel, RSC-14 #1754.

P.S. Thanks to Steve Boyko for the quick note to correct some details from this post. It’s great to belong to such  a great community.


  1. Hi Chris, great shots of that old diesel. I didn’t start volunteering at the S&H until 1998, well after the fire, so I never saw it. A couple of corrections – it was 8208 not 3208, and #29 is displayed in downtown Calgary not Winnipeg.

    I would have picked the Alco too. By the way, #29 ran solo only one time on the S&H, for a video: Greg Scholl’s “Great Steam Trains Volume 2”, now known on their web site as “Great Steam Trains Combo”.

    1. Good morning. Great to hear from you. I didn’t realise that I had mis-read the number and I’ll get the post fixed up appropriately. I’ll get that note about the 29 fixed up too. Thanks!

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