AMT #705 – July 22, 2000

So far I’ve managed to scan in the photos I took on July 22, 2000 of the AMT train I rode out to Dorval. Our train was lead by leased VIA #6455 and classic ex-CP #836 was tucked in behind. The balance of our train was made up of what was then the newest cars on AMT’s fleet. These being a series of cabs and coaches built by Bombardier and similar to the Amtrak Horizon cars and most commuter rail fleets un and down the American east coast. Why these cars aren’t available in model form is beyond me. Heck it seems like every second week we get yet another Dash-something-or-other but these cars are still missing from most ready-to-run product lines. Since they vary so little from commuter agency to agency I would think they would be an easy home run for someone (ideally) like Kato to release.

But I’m getting away on a tangent…

Our train would leave Lucien l’Allier led by #6455. It’s return trip downtown would be with #6455 pushing and cab #705 in the lead. Before all this excitement occurred I invested some more film and just finished scanning in those prints.


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