Driving the Trolley

My amazing wife surprised me with admission to the Seashore Trolley Museum’s “Be a Motorman” program. I’m really excited and thought I’d look around YouTube figuring maybe someone else might have shared video of their experience. I found this.

Wonder how hard this really is?




  1. Wow! lucky.. I ll have to see if the Ct museum has a similar program.


    0) Make sure all passengers are on board

    1) Press the bell clanker on the floor, two times,

    2) Attach crank handle

    3) Turn the crank to turn on the motor,

    4) When it comes to speed turn off the motor. Let it coast.

    5) Repeat #3 if it slows down too much

    6) Use brake to stop

    7) Yell at anybody that’s standing on the tracks in front of you. The cow catcher doesn’t always work for people. They’re too skinny!

    Oh, if you lose electricity, go outside and pull on the rope to put the pole back on the wire

    1. Thanks for the tips. Watching these videos I’m really starting to get a sense of just what I may have got myself into. That said I’m really excited about this – it’s something I’ve really wanted to do. For my family it’ll really be their first time seeing trolleys so I’m looking forward to sharing this hobby with them.

      I’ll post more.

      1. I’ve been on some Peter Witts and Brills in San Fransico… and the one in Meriden CT. I recall the one in CT had no suspension… it was a noisy ride but fun of course. THey had more in the train sheds but the wives and children didn’t want to hang around!

      2. PCC’s. We’ll be in Boston too and I’ve been tempted to ride the ones that they still have in regular service on the Orange Line. I hear it’s in a rough neighborhood.

  2. DOn’t know much about the Boston Lines….I’d hold out ofr San Fransisco!…. But visit the Amttrak Station of course. There is also a surface line that runs up thru the universties… Boston College etc… THat one is ok.. I think it may be light rail though.. not sure

    1. The light rail line that runs above ground is called the Green Line and is operated using combinations of modern light rail cars. They refer to it as a subway but it looks like most of the line is above ground. Our hotel is actually across the street from a Green Line station and it will be our main route for getting back and forth to the downtown core, etc.

      There’s a pretty decent Wikipedia article on the Green Line:


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