Wow. Volkmar Meier’s HO scale trolley modelling

I really want to get involved in the production of parts printed using services like the ones that provide. I’ll admit that my passion for small scale trolley modelling in my native N scale or similar is broached only by my frustration with the challenges inherint (yeah, I know I don’t know how to spell that) with the choice. I think that by leveraging shops like iMaterialze or Shapeways I could make the missing parts and help out. But this isn’t about me. This is about a blog website I came across yesterday that I just can’t seem to tear myself away from, Volkmar Meier’s INTERURBAN RAILWAYS- research and modelling blog:

I’m not sure how to chose the right words to express my reaction to the blog and his work but the sentiments lies somewhere in a lexicon bordered by phrases like: “state of the art”, “Wow!” and “that’s what I want”. The drafting is very nice and well presented. Since that’s my own background it’s something I really connect to. The website is really nicely done, among the nicest (in my opinion) in the hobby currently. More than just sharing what he’s drawing and building he too has joined the fray of modellers who have found ways to get involved with providing the hobby with those parts we really need. Check out the truck sideframe he has for sale on

For under $10 I’ll probably order one. I don’t model in HO and may never but I just have to see one in person. This is great work and I’m really excited to share it.



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