Books and a bus

Driving along the “old highway” to Fredericton, New Brunswick is one of my most favourite drives. It’s just so beautiful. Just outside Fredericton there used to be a really neat used book store. From the road the store looked like a roadside stand and on this trip in 2001 I actually stopped in to check it out. I don’t have any photos from the visit to the store but the place was a maze inside and was such an incredible collection of used books. I don’t think I bought anything but it sure was an interesting experience. How would I have described it? Well, picture the opposite of your local Chapters store. It was dark and damp and just filled with the sense of “if you look long enough you’ll find what you’re looking for.”

Parked beside the store was this great bus. I’m not sure why but I seldom get deep into buses. There are some great ones out there and even abandoned they still look fantastic. Here are a pair of photos I took of this bus beside the book store:

Times have changed. A new highway bisects Fredericton and travelling along the old highway isn’t so common. The bookstore is long since gone and so is the bus. I’d forgotten about both until I came across these photos.

I don’t know much about the bus (e.g. make and model, etc.) Comment or email if you do.


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