CN Hunter River 1989

I’m pretty sure that this was taken in the summer of 1989 but since, as I’ve already confessed, I didn’t note the date and then compounded that sin with not pasting these pictures into their album in sequential order. So we’re left with the clues and my instinct. I’m really certain this is 1989 and could figure that out with some detective work on details like when the mill was re-sided, etc.

Our train was led by 1757 and was pretty light, consisting of only one empty propane car lifted in Charlottetown. The crew on this train would have been one of the New Brunswick crews.

I’ve posted about Hunter River before and, as always, group photos both using categories and labels. Search for Hunter River or just select the category or label and the other posts should show up. I try to follow this approach with all my posts to make searching the blog a little easier.


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