CP’s Kinnear yard in 2001 and the sw1200rs trio

I hadn’t been living in Hamilton too long before I started to discover just how much great railfanning there was to be had in the city and just how it easy it was to do. I started to become immersed into all things great and wonderful that are the TH&B. I never spent too much time around Aberdeen but I sure made up for it with trips to watch GO trains shuttling in and out of Hunter Street. Then of course was the siren call of Kinnear and the trio of sw1200rs switchers that called Kinnear home. This trio always seemed to be busy.

List of favourite locomotives, yup chalk in some sw1200rs’s for me. Action red with Pacman logos too. I get this from Dad on both counts and savour this interest. I spent a lot of film on these three engines but, so far, these are the only shots I’ve been able to find so I figured I’d share them here until I can post better ones.

Within two years this trio was broken and replaced with GP38-2’s so I’m ever so glad to have had the opportunity that I did. Of course in the decade since then things have no doubt changed even more. While CP has retreated even further from Hamilton, GO has intensified their service and there is still the occasional talk of Niagara-bound trains stopping at the old John Street (CN) station.

I wonder if the Railink yard is still such a mess? I remember it just being the most odd collection of partially disassembled locomotives.

Of course, chief among my curiosities was the star of the entire Hamilton rail scene in my opinion: the GE 45 tonner in charge of switching the Canamera foods operation on the Hamilton waterfront. I wonder if it’s still down there shoving huge strings of hoppers into and out of that elevator. What a machine! Living mechanical things, this was as close as I’d ever gotten to one that could have been.

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