Gananoque and the Thousand Islands Railway

In the summer of 2001 I was driving to Hamilton, Ontario. It was actually Canada Day weekend when we were on the road and I knew that the trip would go right through Gananoque, Ontario. Gananoque was home to the Thousand Islands Railway. Given my fascination with small railways I just had to stop in. We arrived in the early evening and took a quick tour around the town. Much of the railway’s right-of-way was traceable and it was really easy to get a sense of how the railway fit into the town.

The railway had only one diesel of it’s own. It’s been cosmetically preserved in the town beside a flag station and I stopped to take some quick photos. The engine itself was rebuilt from a Oshawa Railway electric steeplecab and those traction lines are still so evident in the engine. It’s quite a charming engine. Model Railroader magazine ran an article in their May 1997 issue describing in detail how to scratchbuild one in HO scale.’s magainze database shows that Canadian Railway Modeller ran an article on the railway too in their September 1990 issue.

Here are the photos I took.

While sorting out some minor details for this post I discovered this thread about a digital version of this route for Microsoft Train Simulator. Here’s the thread loaded with some very nice screenshots:

It’s hard to believe this was so long ago now.

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