Green Line ride home

Even if I wasn’t so hooked on traction already I’d be really impressed with the T and these green line LRV’s. The trains are clean and run at least every ten minutes.

On the ride home last night I saw what looked like one of the older Boeing LRV’s parked near State station – I presume it’s in work train service?

I can’t get over the tight curves (radii) and grades. When folks advocate for traction modeling we usually cite grades and curves like these and based on what I’m seeing here the argument really works. There’s a loop underground at Park or State Street. I’d love to know just how tight it really is.

Speaking of loops I’m hoping to make it out to Cleveland Circle or Boston College today to see them.

I’m hoping to bring a camera with me today to get some pictures. Maybe it’s time I upgrade to a newer IPod Touch or the phone so I could be posting photos “live”.

Well coffee’s almost finished and a great city awaits. Here we go!


One comment

  1. Glad to see your enjoying the city of Boston…. Ive never been to the underground station your talking about. Ive seen pics of it. LRV system can have tight radii… With short vehicles and slow movements its usually not a problem I like the way the line goes thru up to the colleges… Right thru the middle of the town in a park setting in some places.

    I should post the pics I have of the light rail in the Newark/Bloomfield area… They have an underground station as well in Newark NJ… Ill put them on my blog. The maintenance yard is in my town (Bloomfield)

    Make sure you get to see the rest of the city!!… (Fanule Hall and Orl Ironsides), the old part of Boston. Great eating near Paul Revere’s house.

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