First 3d model online – Long Island P54 coach in Z!

I’m pretty darned excited about this and am as excited to post here with the news. I took some time today and drew the CAD work for a Long Island Railroad P54 coach. These coaches were as much of the LIRR scene during the twentieth century as cars like GO’s Bombardier bi-levels are today. For the modeller these cars are just about perfect, the details were sparse and the LIRR had tons. Most of all, unlike many other American coaches these cars are short. Coming in at just under seventy feet in length they work really well on my most layouts.

Here’s the link to my model as uploaded to

I’ll be ordering one this evening and should have it within the next couple of weeks. I’m really pleased about the pricing for the model. I’ve made a couple of materials available to the purchaser but feel that Shapeways’ “Frosted Ultra Detail” is the only real choice. Before I make these available to others I really want to make sure I’ve scaled the thing accurately and that some of the finer details are acceptable. As the model is now it is missing the roof vents that LIRR’s cars had and I should probably go back and add those in. I included steps and a pad to mount a Microtrains Z scale coupler on but left out the floor and underbody – as you pay by the cubic centiimeter to print on I figured it would be cheaper to make something up out of styrene here on the Island. The prototype had really distinctive trucks and I’m going to try and use Microtrains wood beam passenger trucks under mine – mostly as I already have them here now.

I’m really excited and keen to see how well this works out.


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