RSC14 truck update

Progress on the CAD work for the HO scale RSC14 trucks continues, though at an almost glacial pace lately.

Apparently the Kato RSC2 truck has the correct wheelbase and it’s sideframes clip to the sides of the gearbox much in the same way that a Athearn or Proto sideframe would. I’ll try and design a similar set of posts on the inside of these sideframes so they are simple “plug and play” parts for the Kato trucks. The Kato RSC2’s have been out of production for a while but they are still common on and various hobby shops.

I’ve been able to vist RSC14 #1762 in Kensington and hope to see #1754 soon to finalise some dimensions before releasing the CAD to I’m pleased with the progress so far and excited about how much more detail we can pack into the HO ones compared to the smaller scale versions I had actually started out drawing.


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