CP 1412 at Dorval – July 20, 1978

I found this shot online and really wanted to share it. This is just beautiful. With any luck the link from Flickr works and you can see it too:
CPR 1412

Looks like the hood of an RS18 or RS10 trailing that FP7 on the back track. I wonder what train it was on? I’ve seen lots of shots of that arrangement on the lead of the Canadian but to be honest I’d really like to hear it was on the lead of the commuter train headed in the opposite direction.


Thanks to some excellent detective work as noted in the Comments attached to this post, the mystey trailing MLW is an RS10. Great points Chris, thanks for sharing them.


  1. Definitely an RS10 in this photo as opposed to an RS18. The CP RS10s were set up for long hood forward, and the RS18s were set up for short hood forward. The multimark was always to the rear of the unit, so what we see here above is a long hood forward RS10.

    1. Excellent reply Chris. Thanks for the note. With an FP7 in the lead and the RS10 trailing it sort of looks like this might be the lead of one of CP’s transcontinental “local” trains and not a suburban run as I had been hoping. Thoughts?

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