Royalty Junction models started

I had a lot of fun putting together my Mount Stewart station mock-up last night and tonight I put together a similar model for Royalty Junction.

I’ve built the station and the little speeder shed. The shed itself was once the station in Suffolk, PEI and it was still on site when I was watching trains at Royalty in the eighties. The station has now been moved and I’ve posted some photos here earlier of the station as it is now.

These little models are also built of Bristol board and the focus here is still to get something completed and focus on the overall shape and footprint and not so much on the details (and, yes, I realize now that my station isn’t quite long enough). Naturally, compared to Mount Stewart these were much simpler to assemble. To me though, their simplicity truly belies their effectiveness at helping me to imagine an N scale Royalty Junction. Even with just these two buildings and some of my switches and that Atlas box car I can really “see” how well the scene would look. I’m really pleased with these and glad I put them together.

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