New VIA Rail Book…and this is just the back cover!

…and this is just the back cover! Imagine what’s inside!

Eric Gagnon’s second book is almost ready. I purchased a copy of Trackside With VIA: The First 35 Years and really enjoy owning it. Page after page after page of train consists and details and then he’d gone and tucked some really enjoyable GO Transit Easter eggs inside. I find something new every time I flip through it and appreciate owning it that much more. In fact, having the first book is really the biggest reason as to why I’m looking forward to a second one.

VIA. It is that railroad company that just can’t stop being one of the most Canadian things out there and it’s how you take the train when you do so in most parts of this great country. Why a book about VIA? VIA was the kind of railroad company that could make even the most imaginative model railroader question just why they were still trying to freelance. In Eric word’s (you’ll want to visit his blog to see the picture he’s describing below):

Ex-CP E8 1802 was one of two surviving such CP units that were transferred to VIA. Though built in the US, they were the only E’s operated by a Canadian railway. Sometimes they operated together in VIA service and/or with ex-CP F-units and/or ex-CP RS10’s. In Winnipeg, (shown in this partial photo, which will appear in full in my second book) they’re pulling a train headed by an ex-CN baggage car eastbound. I wonder if they’re together??

And then

All along, I’ve wanted to include all types of material, including relevant consists from across Canada, especially from the early years of VIA. Aside from colour photos, some consists are the only thing to be added, and now they’ve gone to the printer too. How big is this thing going to end up being??

He’s writing the kind of book that you need to book a day or two off of work to sit home and really enjoy.

There’s a free preview online now. Time to stop reading this post and head right on over there to check out some great classic VIA action:

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