Milton – Spring 2000

I found some pictures the other day and in those folders were some shots of one of the two little sheds from Milton, PEI. Originally there were two of these sheds. They were both on the same siding and were located just alongside Highway 2, just past the intersection where the North York River Road joins in. The first of these two sheds dissappeared before I could photograph it and with that in mind I made my way down to photograph this second, larger, one. Here are the pictures I took on that day twelve years ago.



  1. Hey Chris, I don’t ever remember seeing any of them there. Judging by your photos, they were on the right of way and it’s possible they were demolished to make way for the current gravel train parking lot. I live in neighboring North River, so I’ve spent a bit of time up there, the neatest feature(s) are the two bridges to the west.

    1. Hi. Both sheds were indeed along the right of way. They were both on their own siding to the left of the moving company (sorry I can’t remember the company name).

      I agree about the bridges.

  2. Hi – The municipality of Miltonvale Park is writing a history book about the area this winter- would it be possible to use one of these photos in our book, if we credit you?

      1. Super! Thanks! We are aiming to have the book done in about a month -so are about to get to the frantic putting it all together stage! It is “Memories of Miltonvale Park” and is a New Horizons for Seniors Program funded project. IT has been quite interesting so far… and pretty ambitious!!

      2. I’m looking forward to it

        I know that potatoes were loaded a Milton and I’d love to hear from the farmers who shipped by rail. What was it like?

        I believe Milton was once a fairly busy station, so hoping for some good stories. This should be fun.

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