Morell: It’s History book find

I really enjoy local history books. It’s no secret that I’m usually reading through them for some details that add to my picture of the Prince Edward Island Railway. Along the way though I’m learning a lot about this province and becoming ever more fascinated with our local heritage and how we’ve evolved.

Yesterday’s rainy afternoon aforded me a chance to spend some time at the local library where I found the above book. I hadn’t seen it before and quickly added it to my collection to borrow and read. It’s a really neat little book put together by the Jubilee Senior Citizens Club of Morell. At just under one hundred and fifty pages it’s a pretty quick read and it’s packed full of local history largely related from personal experiences. The author’s combined fondness for their community is really obvious to pick up on and I’m glad I found it. The book works equally well as a local “who’s who” as it does a local history.

Here’s a link to PEI Library’s website showing the listing for this book if you were interested taking a closer look at it:


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