Horizontally sheathed boxcar model

I’m really good at starting things but not as good at finishing them. I had been rummaging around in my boxes of model train things when I found the model I’d started to help me to visualize a PEIR-built horizontally sheathed boxcar.

The obligatory model railway blogger’s in progress shot

In Swinyard’s 1875 report on the PEIR he critized how the local car shops had built a series of box cars and applied the sheathing horizontally instead of vertically. I had never seen a box car built this way and couldn’t imagine what it would look like so last winter I had started a model of one of these cars in 1/120 scale as part of my TTn42 modelling adventure. I really don’t know much about the car’s design so this model is quite rich in assumptions. For instance, what trucks should it ride on? I’m tempted to adopt a wooden beam truck similar to the ones seen under Civil War-era cars and available on Shapeways.com from Panamint Models (click here to see them). I have some Bachmann N scale wooden beam passenger trucks and could probably kitbash something worthwhile from them. While I feel like I’ve worked out a lot of the questions I had about this model one that I don’t have a snappy answer to is how to deal with the corners: should the siding lengths just butt up against one another?


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