Tignish, Miscouche from “Les archives vivante”

I may have shared these links before, and if I have forgive me. Some great historical bits and a great PEIR narrow gauge photograph in each one.

Gare à Tignish
Includes a great shot of the second Tignish, PEI station. Of the variations I’ve seen in Tignish this is my favourite version. I drew this station’s predecessor and the drawing is available somewhere in the blog. Thankfully these articles are all linked together by Categories and Labels.

Train de Tignish
I know I’ve probably shared this photo a pile of times before. A larger version is included in Allan Graham’s book and I just love everything about this shot. Those 4-4-0’s are just the sweetest locomotives ever built this is just such a beautiful shot of one on the turntable at Tignish.

Train à Miscouche
Another great photo and article. Shows a passenger train waiting at the station and some box cars parked on the public siding immediately behind. No date in the article but definitely narrow gauge era.

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