Cape Traverse bridge abutments

Most of the line from Kinkora and down to Cape Traverse, the “Cape Traverse Branch” has long since dissappeared but I’d always heard that some tiny sections of the right of way and one set of bridge abutments were still visible and today was just such a beautiful fall day that it seemed like the perfect day to check out what was left. After all, this is real PEIR narrow gauge territory and the branch itself was the only section of the railway that was never re-gauged.

Finding the bridge was a little tricky but it’s really one of the most beautiful little scenes I think I’ve ever seen and even today the whole area just looks like something the railway should be including in a post card. The abutments themselves were sandstone construction and have mostly collapsed into the river but what’s left is quite recognisable. Here are some pictures from today’s adventure.



  1. There is a small abutment approx. 250m east of the front door of the red house with the pale green roof. It crosses a small creek that drains into the river.

    1. That’s really neat. The day we were roaming around Cape Traverse we tried to see as much of the route as possible. Given that it’s almost a hundred years since it was lifted I wasn’t hoping for much. I’m going to look for these abutments next time we’re out that way.

      Cool! Thanks!

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