PEIR 1889-1890 changes to the railway

I’ve been collecting and reading these excellent Railway and Canal reports and tonight I’m reading through the one covering the fiscal year 1889-1890. I’m combing these reports for data illustrating the types of freight moved on the railway, it’s operations and for suggestions on how to model these. I love all the other details that you find inside and I wanted to share what the railway built and changed this year.

New iron bridges were built at Trout Brook, Pawe’s and Ellerslie. All were twenty-six foot iron bridges on stone abutments.

New steel bridges at the Blueshank Road (39′) and at Elliott’s (33′).

A new 120′ siding was added at Haywood’s Mill at Mill River. The 1974 siding list shows a siding in Mill River for H. B. Willis (D062HW). Would this be in the same place I wonder?

A 60′ siding was added at St. Nicholas. Checking against my 1974 list I see this siding is still there eighty years later. Cool eh?

A new section house was added at Tignish.

A new cattle pen was added at Bloomfield.

The West Devon station burned and was replaced. It would be interesting to compare this with other notes I’ve seen on when stations on the railway were replaced.

Cape Traverse station was relocated from it’s original location on the wharf to a new location on land. This is a fun note considering that I was in Cape Traverse this afternoon standing on the remains of that wharf.

New coal shed was built in Georgetown. Allan Graham’s book includes a rare photograph of the original Georgetown station and a large shed nearby. I wonder if this is the same building?

A loading platform was added at Lot 40.

A coal shed was built in Bear River.

Toward the end of the report is a list of new railroads to be constructed and the PEIR appears in here too:

For a railway from Summerside to Richmond Bay, in the Province of Prince Edward Island, 3 miles, a subsidy not exceeding $3,200 per mile, nor exceeding in the whole $9,600. I wonder if this was built? I once read about a branch to a second mussel mud wharf in western PEI and wonder if maybe this is the same thing?

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