A railway to Cape Traverse

Just finished reading Report relative to steam communication between Prince Edward Island and the main land. The book was published in 1888 and discusses in great detail the argument for expanding the connection between the Island and the mainland. The focus of the book is centred on what would become the Cape Traverse-based crossing. The book includes some great facts and a number of first-hand interviews with the men who worked on the ice boats and have sailed in these waters. The book is available, for free, from Google Books:

At the time the book was published the PEIR was still in it’s infancy and no railway had been built to Cape Traverse. As part of this proposed new connection the railway would need to be expanded and the book includes some great detail on this plan:

The book closing with a beautifully detailed projection of costs to build the branch railway to Cape Traverse:

It’s really great stuff and a delightful read. Highly recommended.


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