More Kings County industries and book notes

Some more trivia from the book include:

A potato house in Elmira mentioned in a story from the book dated 1953.

The dairy industry appears throughout the book and in some great detail in some places including:

Cream separators came into use in 1920 and cream was shipped by train to Dunstaffnage for some years.

In Souris:

The Souris creamery was established in 1930 as a purchase and sales depot…

She goes on to mention that the creamery burned in 1961 and from then on cream was shipped to the Co-op in Morrell until that closed in 1971 from which point shipments went to Eldon.

She discusses potato inspection based on the crop as loaded in random rail cars at both Elmira and East Baltic. She also notes that with train service down to three days a week that loading potatoes required some attention to scheduling.

She includes a list of all the station agents at Elmira which will be interesting to compare to other printed staff lists.

Overall the book is a fun read and it’s rich with locale history. I’m quite glad I borrowed it today.

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