Souris Engine Shed 1881 Drawing Started

I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can about the original Souris, PEI station. This was located in what was called Souris West and today is the beach area you cross when driving into Souris on the highway from Rollo Bay. It’s hard to imagine why they chose to locate the station in such a harsh environment but it sure would make for a neat model railway scene.

Souris had an enclosed combination turntable and engine shed similar to the ones in Tignish and Georgetown. A great friend sent me some notes on the the original and I couldn’t resist the urge to start tracing the original drawings to come up with a plan I could build a model from. Here’s how much I finished over lunch today.

I’ve only just started this drawing and expect a number of things to change as I get more involved with it. My windows are a variation on the design I adopted for the Plan 13 station I did last year (search for it under Tignish or Plan 13) and similar for the trims. The shed has a very tiny footprint at only 48 x 100′ and would fit on most model railways. Mind you that tiny turntable inside would really limit what you moved in there in the first place.

Stay tuned and enjoy!

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