Souris Engine Shed elevations and plan

I’ve just finished copying over the drawing for the Souris engine shed mentioned in my last blog post. The plan view is pretty much the same as earlier today but I’ve started a framing plan for the end plans and both end elevations.

This building is just so filled with fun details and another few show up in this update: the extra room around the turntable. The building was made wider here so that when an engine was swung on that table it’s pilot had some room to clear the interior walls.

I really like this building and the urge to start a model is very, very strong. So far I have been working on simply tracing and copying the plan I have. I’m noticing some details that I’m just not really pleased with or ones that just don’t make any sense to me. It’ll be time to start referring to the few PEIR architectural details I’ve noticed before and fitting some to this building.

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