Souris West Station Lands 1874

The Island Imagined website has a copy of a map prepared for the PEIR illustrating the lands in Souris West that were to be acquired for the new railway station. As a part of my project to put together drawings and information on this station I thought I’d copy what was in that map into CAD and then thought I’d share a screenshot of that project, so far, here for you to see.

I haven’t included any track locations on this drawing, yet, but note that a simplified track plan is noted in Meacham’s Atlas. I have included leaders showing where I think that the known elements from the track plan were located. The car house and engine shed are noted in the Atlas map, while the station location is not. The station in Souris West was a Plan 13 station and would need more room than perhaps could be permitted in the triangle near the other railroad buildings. The lands map I started with shows the little rectangular piece of land on the east end of the beach where I marked the station’s location. I’m skeptical it was there but don’t know otherwise. The Meacham’s plan shows another building on the wharf and perhaps that was the original location of the station?

Steve Hunter really put it best but just imagine how great this would all look as a scene on a model railway: narrow gauge running along the beach, little tank engines with fun little trains set against a backdrop of sailing ships. While the temptation is to model this in summer, many community histories of Souris note how much the locals cursed this station in the off season when travelling conditions wouldn’t be so perfect. It might be cool to model a waterfront railway in the late fall.

Either way it’s another fascinating piece of the 19th century PEIR puzzle.

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