First photos

The smell of flux and solder still hangs in the air and I have those tiny burns on one or two fingetips, you know, the kinds you only get from holding a piece of rail in place when you knew darned full well you should have used a clamp while soldering.

Here are some quick photos I took of the layout so far. The siding along the back is in place and that turnout is fixed in place now too. In hindsight I see now that I’ve already forgotten two things that I told myself I was going to make an effort to do: attach feeder wires on each rail’s base before soldering it in place so the wire would be hidden by ballast instead of being fixed to the side of the rail where only ignorance can hide it and lastly to remember to make a space beneath the turnouts throwbar for an actuating rod to slip through. Luckily the latter is easier to solve as the base is foamcore so a couple of quick cuts with a fresh knife blade should easily rememdy this ommission. The former? That’s going to take a little more luck.





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