5-20-5 vs. 30

I’ve been following the construction of a really sharp micro layout based on Kyle of Lochalsh (Scotland) station. The layout is being built to 2mm finescale and I’ve been referring back to it heavily as inspiration and a proof of concept for my own layout. I read this quote in a comment the builder had made and I really like the message: “One of the ideas is to try and make a small layout which can be set up in 5 mins, operated for 20 and then stowed away in 5 again…a potential better use of 30 minutes than watching some tosh on tv”.

That’s something I’d like to achieve. I don’t have a place to set up Prince Street permanently so am keen on the idea of a layout that can be enjoyed similarly. I’ve long been a proponent of the idea that if you have time to sit in front of a TV you have time to make something. It doesn’t have to be model railways but create something, make something. It feels good to create and make,

The thread I pulled the quote from is in this Kyle in a Boxfile thread:

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