Prince Street as a grain terminal?

I’ve been working on Prince Street and had always thougth of it as a suburban station. I’m pleased with how well it works with my interests in Canadian commuter trains. If I didn’t elect to finish it in this theme it would also support operations similar to those passenger and mixed train operations from right here at home in Charlottetown in the late-1950’s. I have enough rolling stock to make a decent start at any of these options.

It’s snowing like crazy here in Charlottetown right now and I’ve just come in from some preliminary shovelling to make room for what will accumulate over night tonight. I have a decent mug of tea and thought I’d surf through some favourite blogs to see what is new and interesting. Scrolling down through Lance Mindheim’s blog he had a really great post essentially deconstructing a well designed model railway scene featuring what looks like a large grain terminal. I probably have the industry wrong and I apologize for that. If you have a moment check out his post:

The content on Lance’s blog is superb and always well worth reading. It can be a little frustrating to link to particular articles and the one I am referring to was posted on January 31 and was titled: “The Foundations of Realism”. Notice how that bulk terminal features a classic inglenook track plan. I couldn’t help but notice how well that might work with the layout I’m building. I’m only just daydreaming but I could re-stage Prince Street’s scenic treatment to transform it into a modern day grain terminal. It might be fun to model the present day. I have never built a “modern” layout before and this will be fun to think about.


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