Prince Street photo update

I still don’t think I’m going to actually pursue re-branding (re-styling?) my layout as a grain terminal but I also couldn’t resist experimenting with the idea a little further. Back in the 1970’s Model Railroader magazine published a great article, complete with plans, based on the Oak Lake, Saskatchewan grain elevator. I’ve actually built a couple of models using these plans. Since I was already getting carried away with the idea, I printed out some front elevations and hastily laminated them onto some scrap cardstock to act as three dimensional planning aids to help me visualize how things could look. I also dug out the pair of boxcars I’ve been using to play, er, um, test the layout. Since any decent grain terminal needs a captive switcher I also brought out Prince Grain’s own captive ex-DRGW 44 tonner.

I really need to get some power into these rails and actually run trains. It’s getting hard to be patient and do things properly.

Forgive the hasty nature of the photos. That product placement isn’t accidental. Today’s mail brought a copy of Eric Gagnon’s new book. I’ve only just started to read through it and it’s another amazing book. I can’t recommend it highly enough and at the price I can’t imagine a reason to not purchase a copy. That laptop, that’s the digital heart of Prince Street. The backdrop? My dining room once again moonlighting as a model railway room.

Prince Grain. What do you think?

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