Fiddle yard started

Running that RS-1 around the sidings at Prince Street sure was fun. I realise though that it will be even more fun if I’m actually able to stage a train somewhere and bring it into the scene. I need that fiddle yard so I’ve made a start on it now too.
As the photo shows the yard is a little lower than the overall height of the station area. I plan on using this as a base on which to place cassette-style storage units with made up trains. I believe that two people could be have something to do when operating Prince Street with one person assembling train sets to bring into the station and the other performing switching and pilot duties within the station itself. As with the main section, this too is framed using foam core. As a building material for a small model railway I’m quite pleased with this choice. I’ve made the yard the full thirty inch length of the sheet and this should permit longer trains than the station can actually handle. Any excess trackage in the yard will be handy as a lead for switching perhaps. I won’t be handlaying the track in the yard and plan on using up some old lengths of Atlas and Peco flex track I already have on hand. I’m just so keen to get this part ready so I can really start operating on the layout.

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