I ran a train

After wrestling with a short circuit somewhere on the layout over the past couple of days, tonight I dug out my throttle and made up a quick connection to the layout. Out came my trusty Atlas RS-1 and I ran my first train, well locomotive, on Prince Street. I can’t begin to say how exciting it was to watch the little locomotive trundle up the first few inches of track.

Like any teething run, it’s highlighted a few other new tasks that I’ll need to see to but for now I’m just really pleased it’s working and this is a real milestone acheivement. I apologize as the photo above is a sort of staged re-enactment of that first run. I was too excited that it actually worked that I just enjoyed watching it and forgot to get the camera out. Anyway, I’ve tidied up the area a little for this shot so things are prettier. I really need to get that fiddle yard underway so I have somewhere to bring a train in from. Without the yard, the headshunt is only long enough for one locomotive and I’m already looking forward to really trying the layout out.

You know what? It’s still as fun to run a model train as it’s always been. I’m so glad I built this layout. I can’t wait to see it evolve from here.


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