Bush Terminal lofts layout planning

I was tidying up some papers around the house today and found a neat scrap with some of the sketches I made while putting together the Bush Terminal lofts layout plan I had blogged about earlier. I thought this scrap of paper really spoke to my approach to translating this prototype location into a model railway, micro layout, plan.

When I first started thinking about the layout, I knew the amount of room for it was already pre-determined at thirty inch maximum length and no more than six inches in width. The other fixed “knowns” were the cars themselves. I really wanted to explore the idea in HO scale but just couldn’t make it work in the small space. That said, if another six inches in length could be found, the plan works well in HO too.

All of this sketching did produce a nice plan in the end though:
Copy of bushterminal_160

As with the Prince Street layout, the small size of these micro layouts makes it easy to print out the plan in full scale for use as a template and that’s an idea I really liked and will continue to do for future layouts.


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