Bush Terminals layout update

I got so hooked on the idea of the Bush Terminals layout that I’ve been talking about here that I gave in and put one together for myself. Still in N scale, still handlaid track and as with Prince Street it’s only 6×30″ overall so a really pleasant size to work on. It’s a blast to run during an operating session and a success so far. I’ll confess I have an almost irresistable urge to try this plan in a slightly larger space in HO.

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  1. Hi CHris
    What did you make your cassette out of. I was going to use aluminum angle

    • Hi Phil. I made my cassette out of 0.040″ styrene sheet. It is designed to hold one ply of 1/4″ foam core and the track of course.

      Tacky as it probably sounds, the cassette I built is about the height and width of a HO scale gondola car. I started to wonder if it might just have been easier to just splice together two old Bachmann cars I have here. I might, just to see.

      I had intended to use aluminum or brass channel as you’ve described as it was what all the other cassettes I’d ever seen were made of.

      Hope this helps.


  1. That sector plate | Prince Street Terminal

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